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Do Talks Between U.S., Canada And Mexico Threaten National Sovereignty? Activist Says 'Yes'

By Dick Pettys, editor,, Insider Advantage Georgia

Do Talks Between U.S., Canada And Mexico Threaten National Sovereignty? Activist Says 'Yes' (8/20/07) Could America be on the verge of losing its national sovereignty through a little-publicized tripartite agreement with Mexico and Canada that some fear could morph into a European Union-type government in North America? Thats one of the questions being raised by Georgia-based anti-illegal immigration activist D.A. King in a new national campaign hes launched.

He announced the campaign Monday during a news conference in the state Capitol on the same day President Bush, Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper and Mexican President Felipe Calderon were meeting in Montebello, Quebec for talks on the Security and Prosperity Partnership.

The partnership was created by executive order of the leaders of the three counties in 2005 to develop new levels of cooperation. But critics in the United States and in Canada believe it could lead to an erosion of national sovereignty.

King, who proved the reach of his megaphone in the battle over the Senate immigration bill this year, said in the news conference this isnt a new battle for him; its the same battle hes been fighting for years.

Many of us have to ask ourselves if the President of the United State has not secured the American borders since 9-11, if he actually has any intention of actually doing so ... I do not believe the President of the United States ever has any intention of securing our borders.

He continued, I believe the goal is to create the free flow of people. Illegal immigration, the open borders agenda and the Security and Prosperity Partnership are not separate issues. This is two sides of the same coin. People paying attention dont have much trouble seeing that.

He has created a new website to call attention to what he described as perhaps the most sensational yet underreported story of the century. The website can be found here.

King said he fears the partnership may be following a blueprint that ultimately could lead to combining the Social Security systems of the U.S. and Mexico and creating a common security perimeter around North America in the name of more efficient commerce and a lower wage.

I am one of the many Americans who will not stand by and watch as anybody in any office diminishes or compromises the sovereignty of the United States of America in the interest of commerce, increased profit and lower wages. Not many of us want to imagine our children reciting, I pledge allegiance to the continent and to the commerce for which it stands.

Sen. Nancy Schaefer, R-Turnerville, joined King at the news conference. She vowed to press again next year for passage of SR 124, which would have urged Congress to withdraw the U.S. from the partnership.

The Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America, known as the North American Union, and illegal immigration are all one issue. The dots can be connected, she said.

Rep. Tim Bearden, R-Villa Rica, also attended the news conference, saying he opposed any threat to the sovereignty of the United States, and vowing to push next year for passage of his Constitutional amendment declaring English the official language of Georgia. It is HR 413.

Here is a link to the 2005 White House press release announcing formation of the partnership.

Incidentally, more than 20 congressmen have signed a letter of concern to President Bush about the partnership. Two are from Georgia - Reps. Tom Price and Phil Gingrey. Here is a link to the letter.

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