Contact Society for American Sovereignty TM

Please note: we do not have an email list or a postal mailing list. We have never sent out solicitations, spam or junk mail.

However, we have received several letters and emails asking that we remove people's names from our mailing list (we don't have one) and stop sending out donation requests (we don't).

We are located in Marietta, Georgia. We do not know anyone named Jeffery Gayner and cannot find a website for Council for America or their project they are calling "Americans for Sovereignty".

We have determined that the organization sending mail to people is typically:

Americans for Sovereignty, a project of Council for America
PO Box 96091, Washington, DC, 20090-6091
Jeffrey Gayner, Chairman

We have no mailing list, we have never sent out any mail, including donation requests. Please see our about page for information on who we are and why we have taken a great deal of time and devoted a lot of effort at our own expense to make the information on our website available. All of the information contained here is taken from "mainstream media" and is easily verified by using the links we provide.

Please do not write us asking that we remove your name from a mailing list.

We have never sent out mail and have no mailing list.

Thank you,

D.A. King