About Society for American Sovereignty TM

August 19, 2007

After more than a year of consideration and discussion, Americans for Sovereignty TM was formed in August, 2007 by D.A. King and Fred Elbel. Both have been studying the crisis on our borders and the consequences of illegal immigration in our nation for many years and are generally regarded as authorities on the issue.

On February 9, 2009, we changed our organization name to Society for American Sovereignty.

Our exposure to a great deal of information on illegal immigration led us to many facts that most Americans do not see in the "news" of the day. Many times we have both observed that we honestly wish we did not know what we do.

From our research, it appears to us - and to a growing number of others who study the immigration and border security issue - that the solution to illegal immigration for many in our federal government may be to expand NAFTA and create an official free flow of people across our borders.

We suggest that concept is contrary to the language and intent of the U.S. Constitution.

We also make the observation that any effort to do so would have a disastrous effect on national sovereignty and would lead to little more than an enlarged marketplace that would replace a secure and independent United States of America.

Fred Elbel, a resident of Colorado and D.A. King of Georgia have worked together on illegal immigration since 2003.

Fred Elbel is a computer and political consultant. His career spans well over 30 years in the computer industry in management, technical and financial areas and consulting, in the United States and overseas. Fred is former co-chair of Defend Colorado Now, current director of Colorado Alliance for Immigration Reform, and former chair of SUSPS.

Fred has been active on immigration issues for over a decade. He has appeared on numerous TV and radio programs, both locally and nationally. He has written many articles on the immigration issue and has contributed to a soon-to-be-published book on immigration. He is not a member of any political party.

D.A. King, a former Marine, is president of the Dustin Inman Society and writes a column on illegal immigration in the Marietta (Georgia) Daily Journal.

D.A. set aside his twenty five year insurance business in 2003 to work full time on educating people on the facts and consequences of illegal immigration and has made four trips to the Southwest border.

He testified on the effects of illegal immigration in the American workplace to the August, 2006 U.S. House of Representatives Committee on Education and the American Workforce at Congressional Field Hearings.

King has appeared on numerous national radio and television news and information programs and has been featured in many newspaper and magazine articles focused on border security and illegal immigration.

He is not a member of any political party.

We are proud of our progress and success to-date. Absent the attention from the "mainstream media", we have organized Society for American Sovereignty TM and created this website in hope that Americans will inform themselves and begin to ask questions about the "why" regarding the lack of American border security especially during a war on terror.

Please let us know how you think we are doing.


D.A. King
Fred Elbel

Society for American Sovereignty
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Society for American Sovereignty TM was formed and incorporated in July, 2007